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Cookie Policy

Whitamed’s Cookies and Tracking Policy:

pay attention:
For personal data protection, please refer to the data protection policy above. If you have any questions about the collection, processing or use of personal data related to you (as explained below),
Contact us at Eran.i@vitamed.co.il.

What is a cookie?
(Cookie) A cookie is a small file sent from a website and stored in your web browser.
On a return visit to the site, the information in the cookie can be used to identify the last visit to the site. Cookies cannot install malware like viruses on your device, and they do not store any personal data or your account information.

Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to maintain and manage user settings and preferences selected during site visits, to maintain users’ preferences for future use (e.g., geographic location, choices and preferences regarding accessibility and language) and for statistical analysis of site performance and trends, error detection and tracking.

Where do the cookies come from?
-Cookies come from two types of sources: first party and third party. The classification of cookies as “first party” or “third party” refers to the Internet site that places the cookie.
First-party cookies are those placed by the site where the user visits at that moment.-

  • Third-party cookies are cookies that are placed by a compound other than that of the site where the user visits. If a user enters another and someone else places a cookie through the same site, it is a third-party cookie.
    The first time you visit the site, you can choose whether to allow the use of cookies.

Choice not to accept cookies:
You can control the use of cookies at the browser level, and the instructions for managing the use of cookies in the various browsers are here:
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Safari Mobile, Opera
The use of the site is also possible without accepting cookies, but there are areas or features that will not be accessible, or that their use will be limited. Many browsers allow you to enable “privacy mode” where cookies are always deleted after the visit, and in this context, you waive irrevocably and unconditionally any claim or demand.
To choose not to receive interest-based advertising, click http://preferences-mgr.truste.com
(For those in the EU, click http://www.youronlinechoices.eu).

Disable tracking / privacy mode
“Tracking cancellation” or “privacy mode” is a feature that allows surfers to choose not to be monitored by sites for any purpose, including the use of analytics services, advertising networks and social platforms. Tracking cancellation options are available in a number of browsers, including:
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Chrome
• Safari
• Opera
If you select “Uncheck” in your browser, you will not be tracked at all. This is in addition to choosing not to participate in data collection and analysis for the site’s statistics.

The categories of cookies we use on the site:
There are two categories of cookies that we use on our sites:
• Temporary cookies contain encrypted information that allows the system to uniquely identify you when you visit the site.
Temporary cookies exist only during a single online visit and disappear from the computer when the browser is closed or the computer is turned off.
• Permanent cookies are used to identify the fact that you are a new or new user of the site, to identify and maintain your preferences, such as the language chosen and the country of origin according to the last visit, in order to keep the site contents customized according to selected browser preferences and browser usage. In order to have certain types of content.
Permanent cookies remain on the computer after the browser closes or shuts down for a certain amount of time and changes depending on the duration of each cookie. They include information such as a unique identifier for your browser.
Security and confidentiality of the information stored in regular cookies that we use on the site are very important to us. For example, we will not store your personal information, payment details or passwords in regular cookies.

What kind of third-party cookies do we use?
• Google Analytics
Our site uses Google Analytics cookies. These cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, for example, which pages they visit frequently, and whether they receive error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect any identifying information about you. All information that these cookies collect is anonymous and is only used to improve the functioning of our site.
Information collected by Google Analytics cookies will be transmitted to Google servers in the US and stored there in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. You can see an overview of privacy in Google and how it is implemented in Google Analytics at this link.
If you do not want to use this information for Google Analytics, you can download the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on” browser extension here for your browser’s data protection policies.

Am I allowed to withdraw my consent to the use of cookies or tracking tools?
If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can choose not to accept cookies at any time, by managing and / or deleting the cookies through the browser settings.

More information about cookies in general:
There are some sites that provide detailed information about cookies for example AboutCookies.org and AllAboutCookies.org.

Updates to our policies
We update our cookie policy from time to time, if we insert a new cookie or tracking tool that processes new information, or want to process the information the cookies and tracking tools collect in a new way we will notify you and ask for consent to the different processing or cookie or tracking tool.

Privacy Policy

Data protection policy:

1. introduction

At Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (hereinafter, “Vitamed” or “We”), your privacy and the security of your personal data are of paramount importance.
Our site includes general advertising information about the company, its achievements, information about our initiatives and links and forms for contacting us with questions and / or business opportunities.
The Data Protection Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) applies to all of Vitamed’s activities related to the operation of the Site.
Regarding the protection of personal data that we collect, process and store when we give you access to our site.

2. About the policy

Whitamed is committed to ensuring that your personal data and privacy are protected in accordance with Whitamed’s leading practices and relevant legal obligations. The policy explains your rights regarding the personal data we collect, process and use, as well as Whitamad’s use of these rights.
The policy also applies to Vitamad’s use of cookies and tracking tools on the site, as set out in our cookies and tracking policy.
Whitamed will collect and store your personal data in accordance with the law, in a fair and transparent manner. When we process your information we act in good faith, proportionately and with the appropriate technical and organizational means, taking into account the risks that exist in the processing and nature of the personal data we protect.
From time to time, we will open or offer additional pages or features to our site and / or initiate the provision of services to users through the site. If the result of inserting these new or additional pages, features or services changes the way we collect or process users’ personal data, we will provide you with additional information and additional terms in advance.
Please note that when it is necessary to notify you or obtain your consent before requesting the collection or new processing of your personal data, we will do so in a prominent notice on our website or in a pop-up window that will not allow the continued use of features, pages or service before we receive your consent.
Unless expressly stated otherwise, when these new or additional services enter, they will be subject to this policy or any update thereof.

The purpose of the policy is:
A. Ensure that you understand what personal data we collect about you, the reasons why we collect and use it, and with whom we share it;
B. Explain how we use the personal data you share with us to provide you with services through the Site; also
third. Explain your rights and options regarding our use of the personal data we collect and process about you, and how we will protect your privacy.
Important Note: If you do not agree to the collection, use, processing and disclosure of the data as detailed below, we ask that you refrain from browsing the site or providing personal data to Vitamad in any other way (for example, correspondence with our representatives by email).

3. Your rights and preferences

We will only process personal data if you have agreed to do so, unless we are authorized or obligated by law to collect and process the personal data related to you.
Therefore, if we process data solely on the basis of your express consent, we will use the data only for the purposes specified in the consent procedure and to the extent specified below.
You also have the following rights:
Withdraw the consent – You can request to cancel or withdraw the consent for the collection, use or processing of your personal data by us at any time, by message to: Email: eran.i@vitamed.co.il
Upon receipt of the notice, we will get back to you within 30 days and then stop collecting, using or processing your personal data, as the case may be depending on the content of the application, unless we have an obligation or legal authority to keep your personal data, including for legitimate business purposes. , And we will inform you accordingly in our reply.
The “right to be forgotten” and the right to correct data. You can also request deletion or correction of your personal data, in whole or in part, held by Vitamed in connection with the Site.
Following your request to be sent to an email address: eran.i@vitamed.co.il
We will delete or correct the personal data from all our records, as the case may be in detail in your request, as soon as reasonably and technically possible, unless there is a growing legal interest or other authorization basis for further processing of the data, and we will get back to you within 30 minutes. Day, and we will inform you accordingly.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, unless you choose to delete all of your personal data, Whitamed will store enough of your personal data to ensure that your instructions and restrictions are respected in the future.
In the event of the deletion of the personal data at your request which will result in Witamed no longer being able to provide you with access to the Site, in whole or in part, we will notify you accordingly, but such request constitutes your irrevocable consent and waiver of claim against Vitamed for our inability to access or use Of the Site, including any interruption or malfunction resulting from the fulfillment of your request.
Please note: Weitamed may also reject your request to delete or correct the personal data if you have not provided sufficient relevant information, in which case we will notify you accordingly.
transparency. You are entitled to ask us for information about the type of personal data we hold or collect about you through the website.
You are also entitled to obtain (in a commonly used and computer-readable version) your personal data and re-use it as you have provided it to us, for your purposes, in our various services, free of charge, subject to technical ability and legal considerations.
The request for such output, in writing or in a configuration that can be read on a computer, must be sent to the e-mail address: eran.i@vitamed.co.il.
Automatic decision making. Whitamed will not intentionally make any decision that may harm you following the use of automated processing operations without human intervention; And undertakes to give you an opportunity to receive human intervention in such a decision, to express your opinion and to receive an explanation of the decision.
In implementing these data protection rights, Vitamed is committed to providing you with a quick and transparent response to your requests and reserves the right to contact us by email: eran.i@vitamed.co.il.

4. Why Vitamed collects your personal data and uses cookies on this site

Whitamed uses your personal data for the following reasons:
Ensure that content on the Site is displayed in a way that is most effective for you;
Collect statistical information and analytics in order to improve our site (and / or the services, if they come into use in the future) and assess trends in the use of the site;
The use of cookies and tracking tools on our site distinguishes you from other users and allows you to improve your experience while browsing the site, and in some cases, certain features will not work properly or at all in case the cookies are deleted from the browser.
You can find more information about Vitamed’s use of cookies and tracking in our cookie and tracking policy (insert link to cookie policy

5. How we collect your personal data and information through the site:

When you send us a “Contact Us” form – when you contact us by submitting a form on the website, we collect:
Your full name,
All contact information you entered,
All personal data you have entered in the body of the form
The IP address, device, operating system, browser
By using the website – while browsing the website we collect the following information:
Pages you have visited
Your browser type;
Your language
Your IP address;
The date and time of your visit.
Vitamed site

6. The type of personal data we collect and its use

The personal data we collect about you and that we use includes data we need to:
Provide you with the best user experience using the Site;
Provide any services you requested (for example, answer after contacting us, etc.)
Perform analytics and statistical analysis of the site, ensure its stability and completeness, and in order to improve it (and / or the services, if added to the site in the future);
Like most organizations that run websites, we collect certain data automatically and store it in log files. This information includes IP addresses, browser type, network provider (ISP), redirect pages / exit pages, operating system, date / time signature and clickstream data.
We use this information to manage the site, track user movements on the site and collect information based on our users as a whole. We may link the information collected automatically to personal information for legitimate business purposes, such as identifying and preventing fraudulent activity, identifying violations of our Terms of Use and this policy, and any other approved purposes permitted by law.
While using the Site, please note that it includes links to third party sites. We may not control the data protection and privacy practices of these third parties or the content that may be accessed on these sites, nor be responsible for them. If you click on a third party link, you must understand that you are leaving the site and any personal data provided to those third parties will not be included in this policy. Those third party sites are subject to only their privacy policies;
We suggest paying attention to and reviewing the privacy policies of third parties and their compliance with the law before providing and / or entering any personal data on these sites.

7. Transfer to third parties:

Whitamed hereby warrants that information enabling personally identifiable information collected on the Platform will not be shared in any way that is not explicitly stated in this Data Protection Policy or the Terms of Use [please note the link to the Terms of Use here].
Please note that we may hire third party service providers to assist us in gathering information about analytics and trends regarding the Site. We selected these service providers with the utmost care and verified their obligations to comply with the appropriate data protection in the provision of the service.
In this context, we may need to transfer personal data to servers or contacts of those third-party service providers that are outside the European Economic Area. In such cases, before the transfer we will make sure that the data recipients will provide us with an appropriate level of data protection, or that you have agreed to the transfer.
You are entitled to receive an overview of the recipients of the information in the third policy and a copy of the declarations and / or obligations of those service providers who are third parties that ensure an adequate level of data protection. If you wish to make this request, please contact us and we will respond as soon as reasonably reasonably and no later than 30 days thereafter.
Whitamed will not transfer your personal information to any third party except as stated in this policy in any of the following cases:
In the event that you are required to do so under any law and regulation;
If such personal information is required to support Vitamad’s claims in any legal action against the person who submitted that personal information.
If Whitamed merges its commercial activities into another legal entity, provided that the receiving entity undertakes to be subject to the data protection policy and to respect its provisions in every respect.
If Vitamed reasonably suspects that the user has performed or has not performed any action in a manner that may adversely affect the public or Vitamad or any of its owners, employees, related parties or advisors.
If Vitamed reasonably suspects that the user has breached any of his obligations under the data protection policy or the terms of use [please note – please enter the link to the terms of use here].
If Vitamad is required to use the same personal information for the purpose of carrying out its commercial activities (for example, providing the information to Vitamad’s employees, consultants or service providers as a result of a request or contact you have sent to us).
You hereby waive any claim against the Company regarding the use of your personal information as described in this section 7.

8. Save and delete data

Whitam deletes personal data when the purpose for which the data was collected or processed is no longer relevant, or if the data protection rules require us to delete the personal data, unless we have a legal interest or legal basis for further processing of the information.
However, we will keep the personal data only as long as it is necessary to provide you with access to the site such as compliance with our obligations under the law, and dispute resolution, as when it is necessary for our legitimate interests such as fraud prevention or use for the security of our users.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are types of personal information only as long as you use the Site after your express request, as explained in the “Your Rights and Preferences” section above.

9. Vitamad’s protection of your personal data

We are committed to protecting the personal data of our users. We use all reasonably appropriate means, as per industry standard and at the organization level, to protect your personal data against loss, alteration, theft or access by unauthorized third parties.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no system that is completely secure, and Whitamed will not be liable or liable in the event of any damage or loss resulting from improper use of its site and / or any security breach that results in destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data, By mistake or in violation of the law.

10. Children

The site is not intended for children under the age of 18. However, in some countries there are stricter age restrictions under local law and if you are under the relevant age in your country, please refrain from using the site, and do not provide us with any personal data.
We do not knowingly collect or process personal data of children and minors under the age of 18 or less under applicable local law unless we have a legal obligation to do so.
If we become aware that personal data has been transferred to us or collected by us in connection with children and minors under the age of 18 without the informed consent of a parent or guardian, we will delete the personal data as soon as possible and without delay.

11. Changes to Data Protection Policy

We may update this policy from time to time, and the changes will take effect from the moment Vitamad notifies you of the changes and / or updates you by email, posting a notice on the Site or in any other reasonable manner.

12. The law began and jurisdiction

You acknowledge and agree that any dispute arising from the data protection policy will be subject to the law of Israel, and all its provisions will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.
All disputes related to the data protection policy will be resolved exclusively in the competent courts in Haifa, Israel.

13. contact
If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our data protection policy, you can contact us at eran.i@vitamed.co.il and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.



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